Elementary Tuition

For the 2021-2022 School year

Tuition K thru 5th grades  $5500 ($550 monthly for 10 months)

Tuition 6th grade $5000 ($500 monthly for 10 months)

Tuition monthly payments are to be paid by the 1st of each month

(August through May)

Non Refundable Fees:

    Enrollment Fee  $600 

    Technology Fee $100.00

    Admissions Exam  $25 (New In-Coming Students)

Scholarships Accepted:

 McKay Scholarship

 Step Up Gardiner Scholarship

 Step UP FTC Scholarship

 Family Empowerment Scholarship

 AAA Scholarship

Additional Services:


 Behavioral Therapy         

 Contracted hourly     $75/hr

 Field Trips (K-3rd)          $65

 Field Trips (4th-6th)        $125

               Uniforms           $98

  Includes:  1 oxford shirt, 4 polo shirts,  1 spirit shirt