Elementary & Middle School Admission

Step 1 - Complete the application form on wesleychristianacademy.org

The form must be completed in its entirety or it will slow down the application process.

The following documents are required in PDF format to be uploaded to the application:

- Report Cards for two full academic years
- Copy of Current Report Card
- Two years of standardized testing (FSA, Terra Nova, Iowa, etc)
- Discipline record (if there is no discipline on file, a letter from the school will be acceptable)
- Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan (if applicable)
- Birth certificate

Step 2 - When space is available, Wesley Christian Academy will contact you to schedule an admissions test. At that time, a non-refundable testing fee of $25.00 is due.

Kindergarten - 7th grade testing dates:

March 22nd

March 24th

March 29th

(Other dates available by appointment only)

Step 3 - The admissions committee will review and notify families of a decision. A parent interview will be scheduled once all the steps above are complete.

Step 4- An email will be sent with a notification of acceptance. Once received, you will have 10 business days to complete the following: 
1. Pay enrollment fee: Kindergarten ‐ 7th Grade $750.00 (3 installments of $250 on 4/1, 5/1, and 6/1)
2. Bring in an award letter (if you have a scholarship)
3. Complete enrollment forms, medical records, and all other required documents.  
**Do not withdraw your student from their current school as they are not considered enrolled at Wesley Christian Academy until the last step is completed.

Preschool Admission

Teenage Students Raising Hands

Step 1- Complete online application form.

Children Reading the Holy Bible

Step 2 - Administration will contact you if space is available in the class in which you applied.

Kids in Daycare

Step 3 - Complete Enrollment Forms, submit non-refundable enrollment fee, and medical records. Medical records must be up to date and on file in the school office before the student may attend school.