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After Care

After Care is available Monday - Friday from the end of the school day until 5:30 pm.  It will be available on a pre-reserved basis, on the days which your child attends. Parents must register in advance for each student attending the After Care Program. You can stop by the front desk in the K-8 Academy Building with questions.  


Rates for the Program are as follows (per child): 

An annual, non-refundable registration fee of $35 as well as the first week's tuition is due at enrollment. After Care tuition is due each week.


5 days/week: $40/week

4 days/week: $35/week

3 days/week: $30/week

2 days/week: $25/week

1 day/week: $20/week


After Care Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - 3:00-5:30 pm

Wednesday - 2:15-5:30pm


Your child will be picked up from their classroom by a Program caregiver and taken to the proper classroom.  Any change in your child's attendance must be in writing and given to your child's teacher.  Your account will be billed for the number of days you child is registered to attend. Each family is allowed one continuous week of either sick time or vacation time per school year when the account will not be billed. Advanced notice must be given for the sick or vacation week.

Late Pick Up Policy:

A charge of $15 will be assessed if a student is not picked up by 5:30pm.  An additional $15 will be charged for each additional 15 minute increment until the student is picked up.

Activities and Homework:

Your K-8 student will be given an opportunity to work on homework during after care time.  Please be aware that the after-care employees are not tutors and are there to monitor the safety of all students in their care.  They cannot require your student to do homework if they chose not to.  If your student choses not to work on homework, please make sure they have a book to read or an activity that they can work on for the duration of After Care.  They may not have electronic devices to use to keep them busy or entertained.

Health and Safety Policies:

If a child becomes ill the parent/guardian will be notified and given one hour to pick up the child. There is no medication on site to be administered to your child so it is imperative that you arrive in a timely fashion.  If the parent/guardian cannot be reached the staff will continue to call others on the emergency list until someone is reached.  


In the event of a serious injury or illness the parent/guardian will be notified for further instruction.  If no one can be reached and the situation warrants extra care 911 will be notified. All medical expenses are the responsibility of the parent.  

Notification of Change:

It is extremely important that Wesley Christian Academy is notified immediately of any changes in home address, contact numbers or adults authorized to pick up your child.  Changes at home should also be communicated so that the staff will be prepared to deal with any changes in behavior.



It is difficult for the Program caregivers to have lengthy conversations as you are picking up your child.  If you feel it is necessary to speak at length with the caregiver or administration please leave your name, number and topic to be discussed.  You can also call the school during regular business hours and leave a message for administration to contact you.


Personal Items:

If a student chooses to bring personal items to the program they will be instructed to keep them put away in their backpack.  The staff of the program is not responsible for personal items that may be broken, stolen or lost.  All personal items should be labeled with the child's name.  



The parent/guardian must provide a nutritional snack and water each day.  Label an extra snack for After Care so the teacher will know to leave that snack in your child's lunch box.

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