Step 1: Application

Complete the application form.  Incomplete applications will take longer to process.  Completing an application is not a guarantee of acceptance.

Step 2: Admissions Review

Administration will contact you if space is available in the class in which you applied

Step 3: VPK Voucher (if applicable)

Step 4: Enrollment

Complete enrollment forms, submit non-refundable enrollment fee, and medical records.  Medical records must be up to date and on file in the school office before the student may attend school. 

Tuition & Fees


2.5 year old (8:30-11:45)

2 day                                           $225/month

3 day                                           $265/month

3 year old (8:30-1:45)

2 day                                           $275/month

3 day                                           $325/month

VPK-4 year old

2 day (8:30-3:45)                        $325/month

3 day (8:30-1:45)                        $325/month

State vouchers available for VPK students.  There is no cost for voucher participants.


Non-refundable fees: 

Enrollment Fee                              $300.00*

*fee is waived if your child is a voucher participant in the State of Florida's VPK Program​


Annual Enrollment Fee - $35.00

1 day - $20.00

2 days - $20.00

3 days - $35.00

4 days - $40.00

Full Week - $45.00


4 year old program (Tuesday/Thursday)

$35 Annual Enrollment Fee

$30 per day