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Academics & Curriculum

Academic Expectations

Our 4 Academic Pillars

Biblical Worldview Shaping: We believe that the purpose of education is to lead young people to know the one, true God, develop their knowledge, talents, skills, and character, so they can take dominion of the earth and bend it back towards God’s original design and by doing so show the world the beauty and glory of God. Biblical worldview shaping helps students view all of life and all areas of study as tools for serving God and others.

Critical Thinking: We believe to prepare our students for their futures, thinking needs to go beyond rote memorization. Our teachers develop higher-order thinking skills so students can face challenges in the future with minds that can analyze, evaluate, and create. Students will come to understand how and why things work.

Academic Rigor: We are committed to providing a rigorous academic program that helps students reach their highest potential. We carefully select academic and Biblical curriculum that will equip them with the facts, skills, and reasoning abilities to help them exceed in their future endeavors.

Multiple Learning Approaches: We acknowledge that God gave each of us each unique gifts that make each of us different. Our teachers provide multiple learning approaches in their classrooms to ensure all students have the opportunity to learn and grow academically and spiritually.


Curriculum Programs

As a Christian school, it is for such a time as this that we prepare our students to become disciples of God as well as provide a high-quality academic program. To achieve this high-level, holistic educational experience, we have teamed up with BJU Press and Deep Roots as our core academic curriculums in Prek3-8th grade. Both Christian Publishers, BJU Press and Deep Roots provide materials that support our educational and biblical philosophy by providing materials for Biblical worldview shaping, tools for developing critical thinking skills, increased academic rigor, and offer a variety of options for teaching strategies that include multiple learning styles. We are committed to preparing our students to be the ‘salt and light’ in the positions God places them in this world.


Enrichment Courses

Weekly Chapel


Daily Specials: Music, Art, PE, Spanish


Other: Library, Science Lab, 5th grade Robotics Bootcamp, National Elementary Honor Society, 4th- 6th Tropicana Speech Program


Middle School Electives: Culinary, Preschool Buddies, Choir, Competition Robotics, Bible Studies, Journalism


Afterschool Clubs: Sports Clubs (soccer, basketball, running), Art Club, Arts and Crafts Club, Lego Club, Coding, STEAM Club, Drama Club, Debate Club, Photography Club, Astronomy Club

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