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Parent Resources

Academic Calendar

Wesley Christian Academy follows Lake County School's academic calendar.


Headmaster is the program used to pay tuition.


ParentSquare is the communication tool teachers and administration use to keep parents in the loop.  It also allows parents to message teachers, administration, or other class parents.  Make sure you download the app!

Parent Teacher Fellowship

Parent Teacher Fellowship is made up of all parents, guardians, and staff who want to participate in helping the school plan events, fundraisers, and make WCA an amazing experience for our students!

Parent-Student Handbooks

Parent-Student Handbooks allow parents to find answers about things like dress codes, attendance, and other school policies that students are expected to follow.

Reporting Child Abuse

All school officials are considered to be mandatory reports if they suspect cases of child abuse, abandonment, or neglect.  Attached are the procedures followed by employees in such situations.

Standards of Ethical Conduct

All school officials are expected to follow specific ethical behaviors while conducting their job.  These rules of conduct can be found in the link below.

K-8 Academy Lunch Menu

To see what meals are being served, please click on the link below to open a copy of the lunch menu.

Pick-up & Drop-off Map

When dropping off or picking up your student, follow this map to determine where your student will be located.  Also remember that you should not be on your phone while in car line for the safety of all our families.


This is for K-8 parents to check their student's attendance, grades, behaviors, report cards, and pay invoices. Click the icon to open the site.

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