K-8 Academy

Kindergarten - 8th Academy

Step 1: Application

Complete the application form.  Incomplete applications will take longer to process.  Completing an application is not a guarantee of acceptance.

Required Documents for application:

  1. Report Cards for two full academic years

  2. Copy of current report card

  3. Two years of standardized testing (FSA, Terra Nova, Iowa, etc.)

  4. Discipline record (if there is no disciple on file, a letter from the school will be acceptable)

  5. Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan if applicable

  6. Birth Certificate 

Step 2: Admissions Testing

When space is available, WCA will contact you to schedule an admissions test.  At that time, a non-refundable testing fee of $25.00 is due.

Testing Kindergarten - 8th grade:

Dates available by appointment only

Step 3: Admissions Review 

The admissions committee will review and notify families of a decision.  A parent interview will be scheduled once all the steps above are complete.

Step 4: Enrollment

After granting admission, parents will receive an email of acceptance.  To finalize enrollment complete the following steps:

  1. Pay enrollment fee: $750 (3 installments of $250 on the 1st of April, May, and June)

  2. Bring in an award letter if you have a scholarship

  3. Complete enrollment forms, medical records, and all other required documents.

***Do not withdrawal your student from their current school as they are not considered enrolled at WCA until the last step is completed.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition (Kindergarten - 8th grade)                            $5,750.00


Non-refundable fees: 

Enrollment Fee                                                                $750.00

Technology Fee                                                                $100.00

Admissions Exam                                                              $25.00

Field Trips (K-3rd)                                                            $65.00

Field Trips (4th-7th)                                                        $125.00


1 day - $15.00

2 days - $23.00

3 days - $32.00

4 days - $32.00

Full Week - $37.00

Additional Services: 

Behavioral Therapy, Contracted hourly               $75.00/hour

Speech Therapy, Contracted hourly                   $120.00/hour

Occupational Therapy, Contracted hourly        $120.00/hour

Scholarships accepted:

Step Up FTC Scholarship

Family Empowerment Scholarship-EO

Family Empowerment Scholarship-UA

AAA Scholarship